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A yearly subscription fee provides access to a starting library of 163 videos. 


Student discounts and discount for purchasers of the Differential Diagnosis for chiropractors text are available. 

Videos are devoted to important publications relevant to chiropractic practice and other videos are devoted to providing short tutorials in how to understand and interpret the findings of research articles.

The videos are not downloadable but are available for viewing 24/7.


The terms for usage are:

  • no sharing of username or password is allowed

  • monitoring of access addresses will be used to determine illegal  sharing and violation will result in inactivation and voiding of the subscription with no funds refunded

  • all materials are copyrighted and cannot be used without permission

  • no refunds are allowed without written request and explanation for why the request is being submitted

Disclaimer:  All materials presented are the interpretations of Thomas Souza, DC. Determinations of the type of patient management for any given patient is dependent on the individual patient's unique presentation and must be made by that practitioner and the patient.  Information presented is for information only.

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