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The Evidence for Chiropractic Care


There is a growing body of evidence in support of the chiropractic management of patients with musculoskeletal problems; most notably for the spine, primarily through the utilization of manipulation and exercise. Like most scientific literature, no firm conclusions can ever be reached regarding an individual patient, yet large studies certainly point to some generalizable likelihoods of success.


Chiropractors, like other health care providers, are aware of other elements that affect care such as natural history, placebo, and coincidence and are taught to consider these before associating their treatment approach directly to a result. However, notwithstanding, empirical observation coupled with the current scientific literature indicates that the effectiveness of chiropractic care extends beyond these other elements.


Presented on this site are very short summaries of some relevant studies. The reader is encouraged to read the full articles (studies) to fully understand the context, weaknesses, and strengths of each. The following short-list is just a sampling of some of the most recent evidence.


Neck Pain - Dx & Tx

Low Back Pain - Dx & Tx

Headache - Dx & Tx


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