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Week 9 - Neck Disability Index



Now its time to measure!


The only way to really know your successes is to measure and compare.

We tend to remember our successes and dismiss or be unawarre of our failures (e.g. patient does not return so they must have felt better after the treatment).

To keep us honest, informed, and improving with our care it is necessary to use an outcome measure.

Outcome measures also provide for you a defense and justification for care (assuming there is improvement). It provides the patient with a reflection on improvement.

There are a number of outcome measures you can use, but the most common, and most valid for the cervical spine is the Neck Disability Index.

Steps to Implement


Instruct your staff that patients with neck pain must fill out the form (or you can administer if you choose to).

Keep in the patient file for future comparison.

Administer in 2 weeks (or at the time if discharge if less than 2 weeks)
If the patient is still being treated, administer in 4 weeks.

Here is the great part!

You can print out the Neck Disability Indexand have the patient fill it out. You can then   score the form  Scoring the Neck Disability Index 


The form can be filled out electronically and then it is automatically scored and it can then be printed or saved electronically.

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