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The Evidence-Informed Chiropractor


 Week 4 - The Patient Treatment Plan


A Common Problem
Remember the last time you were a patient and the doctor explained to you what they believed was your problem and what they were recommending?

   If you are like most patients, it became a blur in review. Detail is lost and often the main points are obscured by the amount or complexity of the information given


Give your patients a one-page form that summarizes what you have found, what your treatment plan entails, and any other recommendations you may have for them.

This simple approach prevents misunderstanding, provides a completion of the informed consent process, and allows patients to review when they are able to think-it-through without the urgency often felt at the first visit.

Speak to attorneys. One of the major reasons patients want to sue is not because they believe they were harmed, it is because they felt they did not understand the treatment being recommended.

Isn't this what you would want if you were the patient?

Make a duplicate of the form and place one in the patient file and give the other to the patient.

The format of this approach is individual to each doctor but here is a sample form that provides the elements that should be included.

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