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The 12-Week Plan for Changing Your Practice into an Evidence-Informed Chiropractic Practice





























You are a DOCTOR of chiropractic with four years of training. How much of what you learned do you not use but could?

What you offer chiropractically is a great service to mankind, but you can do even more by being a patient advocate committed to a philosophy of:

  • patient avoidance of unecessary drugs or surgery
  • patient education and support of wellness and healthy livin

It's as simple as applying the "doctoring" part of your training.

Think back on your first visit to your MD or dentist. Regardless of your complaint, you filled out a certain amount of preliminary paperwork. Patients expect and appreciatethe need for that initial evaluation from their health care providers. The paperwork is a large part of the evidence-based process which, in fact, is patient time, not your time.

In brief:

Serve your primary-care role of screening for disease (and in many cases, manage conservatively these chronic diseases through diet and exercise recommendations)


Be a wellness coach for your patients


Commit to life-long learning. Continue to learn and be state-of-the-art in your evaluation and diagnosis skills


What are the elements of this weekly program?

  • Change patient-interactive practices one behavior per week
  • Read one article per week
  • Educate your staff on what you are trying to accomplish
  • Measure

Preparatory to Week 1

To make this work you must set the foundation for change!
  • Have a meeting with your staff to discuss this value-added approach for your patients. (your staff will be excited and impressed with your desire to do more)
  • Then prior to each new week, run your staff through the one change (in this case, have them read and fill out the Informed Consent form). This way, they know what patients will read and can ask you potential questions to assist them assisting patients.
  • Set up your subscription(s) to receive "push" notices of articles you might be interested in. Here are some links:
Clinical Evidence - British Medical Journal
Medscape Best Evidence Alerts

The Plan

A week-by-week outline of simple, singular changes that add up to a brand new way of practice.

Take a 15-Minute Video Tour of the 12-Week Plan

Week 1 - Informed Consent
Week 2 - Preventive Screening
Week 3 - Review of Systems
Week 4 - Treatment Plan
Week 5 - Smoking Cessation
Week 6 - Hypertension
Week 7 - Diabetes
Week 8 - Depression
Week 9 - Neck Disabiilty Index
Week 10 - Neck Exercises
Week 11 - Oswestry for Low Back PainWeek 12 - Functional Testing
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