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Below are a series of links to past articles published in Dynamic Chiropractic under the column The Chiropractic Sport's Physician.


Disclaimer: The articles open through and contain advertisements. Dr. Souza does not support or sanction any of the advertisements imbedded in his articles.



The articles are categorized by region, sport, or general knowledge.

The School-Aged Pre-Participation Examination
The Young Athlete
Athletic Headaches
The Athletic Shoe
Snapping Tendon

Sport Specific
Little League Shoulder
The Bicyclist Part 1
The Bicyclist Part 2
Volleyball Injuries
The Windmill Softball Pitch


Glenoid Labrum Tears Part I
Glenoid Labrum Tears Part 2
Rotator Cuff Tears: Lag Signs
Evaluation of the Unstable Shoulder
Shoulder Impingement Syndrome
Shoulder Rehabilitation Part 1
Shoulder Rehabilitation Part 2
Shoulder Rehabilitation Part 3
Shoulder Rehabilitation with Elastic Tubing

Wrist Injuries Part 1
Wrist Injuries Part 2

ACL Injuries in Women
Posterior Cruciate Injuries
Patellofemoral Pain and Exercise
Knee Rehabilitation Part 1
Knee Rehabilitation Part 2
Knee Rehabilitation Part 3

Lower Leg
Lower Leg Pain Part 1
Lower Leg Pain Part 2

Tibiofibular Damage and High Ankle Sprains

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