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How to Access, Interpret, and Incorperate Literature Evidence

It may seem overwhelming to keep up with the literature that is relevant to your practice, yet the number of relevant articles is actually quite low. Finding these articles can be simplified through search strategies and "push" technologies. How to read, interpret, and apply are a bit more difficult. 

Learn the tools necessary to review articles and feel comfortable with judging whether they are using appropriate statistical reporting and whether the conclusions drawn are reasonable based on those statistics. You don't have to be a biostatistician or researcher to understand generally what the terminology and numbers mean.

Below are a series of short videos that address these processes with practical examples.

Diagnostic Tests - Interpreting Their Value

We all learn many orthopedic tests in our training but how valuable are they in the real world when evaluated for their reliability and validity. Learn how tests are tested and how to take that information and apply it to the patient in front of you.


Judging the Effectiveness of Treatment

Learn about the approach taken in different research designs to assess the effectiveness of a treatment or management approach. Through examples, learn how the percentages used to report the success of a treatment approach vary and can significantly change your opinion of the degree of impact this approach has.

Measuring and Interpreting Risk - How Is It Done?

Patients are concerned about both the risk of treatment but also the risk factors associated with their general health. Learn how these associated risks are researched and reported and how to make sense of the numbers used to report increased odds, risk, or associated risk of an adverse event.



Clinical Prediction Rules

Are there groupings of history findings, tests, or other factors that can together help predict the likelihood of a disorder and/or the likelihood of success with a given treatment approach? This short video gives an overview of Clinical Prediction Rules; their development and application, when and how much to trust a CPR.


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