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How Do You Find Relevant Information That Improves Your Practice?




  • As a chiropractor, have you wondered what new evidence really impacts you enough to change your evaluation and management approaches or is there evidence that supports your current approach to case management?
  • How do you access that information given your busy day?
  • How do you obtain a consult on your patient in a timely manner from a trusted colleague?
  • Although there is an explosion of publication in the health sciences, only a small percentage is truly applicable to changing how you practice. These are often articles on procedures you use to evaluate patients.


What has changed? and, What is new?:

  • Perhaps you learned certain tests in chiropractic college and perform them without knowing their validity or reliability.
  • Perhaps you did not learn important screening history questions that can reveal some of the more common conditions such as depression, diabetes, fatigue, etc.
  • Perhaps you want some information on recommendations from your colleagues who have performed detailed and exhaustive reviews of the current literature.

To develop your knowledge and individual approach to accessing the literature, reading relevant articles, and applying what you know to your practice click one of the following links.


Keeping current

How to determine the value of a diagnostic test

Diagnostic Test Terms


By clicking on the following links you can access important resources that help you acquire answers to these questions.

Best Practices
The Best Practices in Chiropractic Academy offers a two-weekend seminar series that teaches doctors how to use the literature, inform each other of their best-practices, and use outcome measures to improve their care.

Chiro Access
Chiro Access is a site containing literature review summaries on a number of relevant topics related to chiropractic management.

CCGPP Website
The Council on Chiropractic Guidelines and Practice Parameters (CCGPP) is comprised of chapters that reflect an extensive literature review, rating, and recommendations based on region and modes of care. You need to scroll to the end of the page to access the links to each chapter.

In addition to updating what you know, you can use an incremental approach to expanding your practice beyond the chief complaint and promote health and wellness.


This change can start now.

It is a simple "one-change-a-week" approach based on evidence-based resources.


The 12-Week Plan to an Evidence-Informed Practice

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